My passion for styling, jewelry and everything in between, was probably born in the European house, where I grew up.
My parents, whose whole world was, in the field of medicine, had an unexpected hobby. This little hobby turned, many years ago, into a small jewelry shop in Tel Aviv.

So obviously, as a child, I loved to go to their shop and play with the shiny little treasure chests from which my mother created entire collections, and like any well-dressed girl, I wore thousands necklaces and walkes around just like a 'little lady'.

The years passed, I became a lawyer, but I also attended the styling studies in order to fulfill what I have always felt in my bones, then I realized that another world is calling me and there is a path prepared for me - I have to continue that little shop, which was closed when my father passed away.

Yes, the shop doesn't exist anymore, but the passion is still here, today more than ever. So the decision was made, I have to revive the small family business, which produced a variety of handmade jewelry, most of which, made of genuine pearls and gemstones.

Each of our designs is unique, due to our unique pearls collection, the quality of our materials and its crafting technique. Therefore, we have even took care in some of the designs to maintain a limited number of units and sometimes, even just one unit.

Hope you'll enjoy the products that will be crafted here, wear our jewelry with love and share it with us.